Scan data

Analyze scan data

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your proximity marketing campaigns by analyzing scan data. You can track user engagement and optimize your strategies accordingly.

Scan Data Interpretation

Understanding Graphs

The bar graph for LifeCode scans shows engagement levels.

Effective Timeframes

Select different timeframes to understand how your content performs over various periods. This can help you identify the best times for user engagement.

Actionable Insights

Use the analytics to make informed decisions. If certain tags perform well, consider replicating their strategies. Conversely, underperforming tags might need content or timing adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, use the 'Timeframe Dropdown' to select custom start and end dates for your analytics data.

  • Investigate potential causes such as changes in user behavior or issues with the tag's placement. Adjust your strategy or consult the 'Help Center' for guidance.