Define triggers

Understanding Tag Triggers

Tag triggers in LifeTagger activate content delivery based on specific conditions. You control when and where your content appears to your audience.

Trigger Types and Functions

Location-Based Triggers

You can set a tag to activate when a user enters a specific geographic location. Use the map interface to pinpoint the exact area.

Time-Based Triggers

Schedule your tags to become active during certain times. This function suits content meant for events or time-limited offers.

Beacon Interaction

Beacons provide a way to engage users based on proximity to a physical object. Attach tags to beacons to trigger content when near.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can combine different triggers such as location and time for a single tag to refine when your content gets displayed.

  • Navigate to 'Tags' in the main sidebar, select the tag you wish to edit, and modify the triggers as needed.

  • LifeTagger allows you to manage multiple beacons, but the exact number may depend on your subscription plan.

  • Yes, after setting up your triggers and content, use the 'Tag Preview' feature to see how your tag will appear to users.