Edit tags


Editing tags in LifeTagger allows you to refine the content and triggers associated with your proximity automation tasks. Tailor your tags to better align with specific locations, times, and other criteria for enhanced user engagement.

Step by step: Edit tags

  1. Navigate to the main sidebar and select 'Tags'

  2. Locate the tag you wish to edit and click the associated 'Edit' button

  3. Adjust tag details such as triggers, content, and audience

  4. Save your changes by clicking the 'Save Changes' button

Tag Customization

Trigger Modification

You have the flexibility to modify triggers for your tags. Choose from a variety of options like Address, Beacon, Schedule, Media, and Push to ensure your tag activates under the right conditions.

Content and Audience

Select the appropriate content for your tag and define the target audience. Attach relevant media, link to a LifeCode, or schedule a push notification to make your tag more effective.

Preview and Confirmation

Before finalizing your tag, use the preview feature to visualize the end-user experience. Confirm all details are accurate and submit your tag for activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, you can modify the trigger for any tag by selecting it and choosing a new trigger option.

  • Define your audience during the tag creation process by selecting specific criteria that match your target users.

  • Absolutely, use the 'Preview' toggle to see how your tag will appear and function before you activate it.