View beacons


Access your beacons swiftly to manage and monitor their performance. The list view in LifeTagger provides a centralized location for all beacon-related activities.

Step by step: List beacons

  1. Navigate to the main sidebar and select 'Beacons'.

  2. View the list of existing beacons in the center of the screen.

  3. Edit beacon details by clicking the 'Edit' button aligned to the right of the beacon entry.

  4. Create a new beacon by selecting the '+ NEW BEACON' button at the top right corner.

Beacon Management

Editing Beacon Details

You can update beacon details to reflect changes in location or configuration. Click the 'Edit' button next to the beacon you wish to modify and submit the updated information.

Creating New Beacons

Expand your network by adding new beacons. Click the '+ NEW BEACON' button and fill in the required fields to deploy a new beacon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Navigate to the 'Beacons' section via the main sidebar, find the beacon you want to edit, and click the 'Edit' button to update its details.

  • Yes, click the '+ NEW BEACON' button at the top right corner of the beacon list view to add a new beacon.

  • LifeTagger does not impose a limit on the number of beacons you can manage within the platform.