Getting Started



LifeTagger, a proximity automation platform, enables content delivery based on user location and time. The dashboard serves as your command center, allowing you to view analytics, access tags, beacons, LifeCodes and more.

Analytics Insights

The dashboard provides analytics data, including impressions and LifeCode scans. Use the 'Timeframe Dropdown' to filter data by time period.

Media and Beacon Configuration

You manage media uploads and beacon settings from the dashboard. Navigate to the 'Media' or 'Beacons' section to upload new content or configure beacon details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Navigate to the 'LifeCodes' section and click the 'Create LifeCode Button' at the top center of the dashboard.

  • Yes, select 'Tags' from the main sidebar, then click the 'Edit' option next to the tag you wish to modify.

  • Analytics are available at the bottom center of the dashboard. Use the 'Timeframe Dropdown' to select the desired period for your data.