Upload and manage media


Upload and manage your media files within LifeTagger to enhance the proximity-based experiences you create. Access the Media section from the main sidebar to start adding or viewing your media.

Step by step: Manage media

  1. Access the main sidebar and select 'Media'.

  2. Enter a title, a description and then click 'upload media section' at the top center to add new files

  3. View your uploaded media in 'My Media List'.

Uploading New Media

File Formats and Size

Ensure your files match the supported formats and do not exceed the size limits for successful uploads.

Title and Description

Provide clear titles and descriptions for your media to facilitate easy identification and retrieval.

Viewing and Organizing Media

My Media List

Use 'My Media List' to view, sort, and manage your previously uploaded files. This list displays filenames and descriptions for quick access.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Select the media you wish to remove from 'My Media List' and use the delete option provided.

  • Yes, you can update the title and description of your media by selecting the file in 'My Media List' and choosing the edit option.

  • LifeTagger may have limits based on your subscription plan. Check the account settings for details on your plan's limits.